“How do you make a watch that blends in with classical grace yet catches the eye? Watch company Maen just might have the answer.”
''The Hudson 38 Automatic, This understated dive watch nails all the basics''
''The Maen Skymaster 38, a value packed, vintage inspired automatic chronograph''
''It is tough to find a product with these specifications and quality in this price range. I would say that between all the GMT micro brands this is the absolute best buy!''
''Today I am writing about one such gem from the microbrand Maen. More specifically, the Maen Greenwich 38 GMT''
''Maen Hudson - We Need More Dive Watches Like This! The level of fit and finish is the highest I’ve seen''
''Taken together, this Maen Skymaster is another strong effort from one of the more charming microbrands in recent memory''
''If you love the look, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better combination of looks, feel, and specs in an integrated bracelet model at such value.''
''This young microbrand is giving vintage chronograph fans just about everything they want''
''The ultimate home run for a watch-buying member of the public is to find a watch that looks great, is high quality and doesn’t cost very much. That’s what Swedish brand Maen are pitching with the Manhattan 37.''
''Although this brand is still relatively young, I believe that as long as they maintain their current development direction, it is not difficult to establish a foothold in the watch industry in the future, and even achieve success!''
“While not missing the demand for elegant daily watches, MAEN proposed a unique answer and added their own atmosphere.”
''Some of the MAEN Watches are the best value for money pieces you can buy on the market today!''
''The MAEN Manhattan is doing some different things that make it stand out in the integrated bracelet market and is probably one of the more attainable mechanical integrated bracelets watches on the market.''