Skymaster 38 - MCT.03
Skymaster 38 - MCT.03
Skymaster 38 - MCT.03
Skymaster 38 - MCT.03
Skymaster 38 - MCT.03
Skymaster 38 - MCT.03

Skymaster 38 - MCT.03

In production - Shipping around the end of June
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Meet the all new Skymaster 38 MKIII collection!

After a long period of prototyping we are finally able to present the full collection. The Skymaster 38 MKIII has been completely re-designed to fit the new Sellita SW510mb TOP Grade movement and we have taken this opportunity to implement some serious improvements.

Case and Finish

The Skymaster MKIII has undergone a comprehensive redesign to accommodate the new Sellita SW510Mb movement. This redesign has provided us with the chance to introduce significant improvements, including an upgraded water resistance of 10 ATM.

Furthermore, the overall case and finish have been meticulously enhanced, with attention to small details such as brushing and polishing, resulting in a new level of refinement and craftsmanship.

Sellita SW510Mb Top Grade

With its manual winding mechanism, the Sellita SW510Mb allows you to connect intimately with your timepiece, infusing it with life and energy through your own touch. Experience the joy of winding your watch daily, connecting with its inner workings and becoming one with the art of timekeeping.

The Sellita SW510Mb is not just about nostalgia; it embraces the future with its unparalleled precision and reliability.

For the Skymaster we use the Top Grade, fully decorated version that can be seen through the open caseback. Designed to meet the highest horological standards, this movement guarantees exceptional accuracy and longevity, ensuring your timepiece remains a faithful companion for generations to come.

Sandblasted Tachymeter Bezel

The Skymaster MKIII.MCT takes elegance and utility to new heights with its Sandblasted Tachymeter Bezel. Crafted with precision and innovation, this exquisite feature adds a touch of sophistication while serving as a valuable tool for measuring speed and distance.

The sandblasting technique gives the bezel a refined matte finish, creating a seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Its finely engraved markings allow for precise measurements, making it an essential companion for motorsport enthusiasts and adventurers alike.





TOP Grade Sellita SW510Mb Manual Movement


Box Domed Sapphire Crystal


316L Stainless Steel


FKM Tropic Strap




38 mm


13.4 mm Including Glass and Caseback


47 mm