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Designed with passion for quality & details

We carefully draw every detail of our watches and work together with manufacturing partners, who use the very best materials to handcraft each and every watch. We only use Swiss-made movements and the quality of our production is reflected in the rigour of testing and the utmost attention to detail at every stage.

Lugano Assembly


Inspirational Heritage

MAEN was founded by 2 Dutchmen. They have always been fascinated by the story of New York City. In 1626, the island of Manhattan was renamed to New Amsterdam after it was discovered by captain Hudson on the Dutch ship the Halve Maen (‘Half Moon’).

The Bronx, Brooklyn, Broadway, Harlem, Wall Street, Long Island. These and many more New York place names are known all over the world, but did you know those place names all come from Dutch?

The name of the settlement may have changed, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the Hudson River Valley area to see the Dutch influence that still exists there.