Manhattan 37 - Ref. MSS.01

Manhattan 37 - Ref. MSS.01

Limited Edition of 37 pieces - Ref. MSS.01

We are proud to present our collaboration with the legendary Romaric André aka seconde/seconde/.

“I understand that MAEN named their piece “Manhattan” with the intention of evoking the architectural grandeur, audacity and fearless ambition of New York City. Something quite impressive then. Something that makes you feel small and humble in comparison. So my creative process started with “let’s do the opposite, let’s find a way to make the watch-wearer feel superior and audacious that the watch wearer could almost eat the thing”…that first spark led to, well, not “eating the thing”…but “drinking it”. By just garnishing the piece with a Maraschino Cherry, I could instantly change the scale of it, going from a city to a cocktail and reverse the narrative.”

- seconde/seconde/

Limited Edition Côtes de Genève Dial

The Manhattan 37 has an unique vertically elongated Côtes de Genève dial that creates a spectrum of beautiful shimmers depending on the lighting.

For the Manhattan 37 seconde/seconde/ Limited Edition the colour of the dial was chosen to match a Manhattan cocktail.

Due to the Côtes de Genève effect the colour ranges from a deep burgundy to a vibrant cherry purple colour.

This dial colour is exclusively available for the seconde/seconde/ Limited Edition and comes in a limited run of only 37 pieces.

Case and Finish

The Manhattan 37 is a modern re-interpretation of landmark timepieces from the 1970’s. It was important to us to give the Manhattan 37 its own identity.

With its steel case, vertically elongated octagonal bezel, Côtes de Genève dial and integrated bracelet, the Manhattan 37 packs a lot of punch. Due to the integrated design the watch wears larger than its modest 37 mm would suggest.

The combination of polished and satin-brushed finishes highlight the unique shape of the case and bracelet.

The seconde/seconde/ limited edition will come in a custom made watch roll with dial matching color.

Cherry on top

Seconde/Seconde/ is known for his quirky details, especially when it comes to the second hand, and this Manhattan 37 is no exception.

The second hand represents a cocktail pin with a pixelated Maraschino cherry which has been hand painted and assembled. 

Individually Numbered Caseback

Each watch has an individual number on the caseback and an engraving that goes in hand with the overall theme.

The watch also comes with an accompanying Limited Edition card.





Sellita SW200 Elaboré Grade


Sapphire Crystal


316L Stainless Steel


316L Stainless Steel Integrated Bracelet




37 mm


9.3 mm


47 mm